EQA – The European benchmark standard for coaching and mentoring training programmes

European quality, global recognition

EQA is an independent quality award given to providers of coaching and mentoring training which recognises that their qualifications/training meet stringent, professional European standards. It is an integral and essential step on the path to establishing the professional credibility and status of coaching and mentoring. The quality standards are Euopean, the recognition is global.

EMCC have created a framework for assessment based on extensive consultation and the most comprehensive competency research of coaching and mentoring produced to date. The emphasis of this award is to raise standards whilst acknowledging existing excellence.

What does the EQA offer?

This Quality Award offers the marketplace the much needed framework to enable:

  • Purchasers of coaching and mentoring services to understand the quality of what they are buying and to make appropriate choices for their respective needs
  • HR and Learning Development specialists to choose appropriate programmes for developing their own managers and leaders in coaching and/or mentoring skills
  • HR and Learning Development specialists to develop their own programmes to industry equivalent standards and to get these programmes accredited
  • Individuals who wish to train as coaches and mentors to select programmes with confidence that the content is of high quality and relevant to and recognised by the market they wish to enter
  • And training providers to design programmes to meet the requisite standards and gain recognition for the quality of their provision.